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​​series of works that manifested themselves mainly as public performances

s./ t.  series

OVERVIEW 2014 - 2020

​​series of works that manifested themselves mainly as public performances

The title "s./ t." refers to my inability to express verbally the motives that drive me to chew, press or pulverise charcoal, or those that provoke the impulse to bury my head or to lie on coal.

Charcoal and carbon based black fluids represent or event more, materialize for me my family and my ancestry. This is directly related to my father's job at an oil refinery in California and my multilayered relation to him. However, the first half of the time that I worked with charcoal I could not (or would not) see my motives clearly, but only followed my need to work with this material in relation to my body.

While transforming and even fusioning with the coal, I perceived its darkness and amorphousness as materialization of processed memories and emotions.

In the history of energy production charcoal, and later mineral coal are the ancestors of crude oil; in similar way I make a reference to the different generations of ancestry in my own family.

This is only a selection of the works that comprise this series.
Here they are shown in a loosely chronological order.

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