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​​series of works that manifested themselves mainly as public performances

colloidal series

OVERVIEW 2011 - 2017

​​series of works that manifested themselves mainly as public performances

Relating its chemical qualities as a comparison with the society and myself as part of it, I used the Milk in different performance and installation works.

​The Colloidal theory:

Contrary to the water particles, which are bound to each other, the milk fat particles are separated and float freely in the water, ignoring each other and taking care only of themselves, without paying attention to what happens to any of their partners. Thanks to their mass, they are even able to hide behind each other, protected from any observation. Silly thing is that they don't know that their comfortable system could collapse at any moment and cheese will be created.
Is there a similarity in real life between the milk particles and the individuals who ignore the other individuals around them, who hide from their social responsibility and even avoid seeing the evidence of the collapse of their system?

This is only a selection of the works that comprise this series.
Here they are shown in a loosely chronological order.

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