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2017 | Multy chanel Installation | 00:04:17 min. | Ed. 3 + AP 1

Interventions at Dead Valley, Mohave desert and Pismo sand dunes in California.

This work focus on the action of physical movement by foot, in direct reference to the labor’s migration from south to north in Latin America and in many other places of the world. Opposite to the ancient tendency of resettlement, which resulted in the current world’s distribution and situation, there seems to be a recent sense of call-back to the north.
In this dissociated autobiographic work, each walked journey proves the impossibility of walking twice the same line or route in the dessert, and thus the difficulty of crossing it. This work was recorded in three different deserts, Dead Valley, Mohave desert and Pismo sand dunes in California, the American state where her father lives and works.

Lala-Nomada Walking.California.2017-Foto.C_edited.jpg
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